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Servicing the Gold Coast, Powerkleen take pride in offering you a first class solar panel cleaning service; where no job is too big or too small.

‚ÄčMost people/businesses have solar panels installed to save/make money and to reduce their carbon foot print. Dirty panels will have a negative impact on both of the aforementioned points. By employing Powerkleen to clean your solar panels with an environmentally friendly deionised water system you will be improving the efficiency of your solar panels which will save you money on your electricity bills.

There are many pollutants, for example bird/bat droppings, salt from the sea, vehicular emissions, lichen and general dust in the atmosphere, to name a few, that can sit on the surface of your solar panels (even after heavy rain) reducing the amount of sun light that reaches the photovoltaic cells. Thus reducing their efficiency by upto 30%.

However, by having your panels professionally cleaned (on average every 6 months) you can maximise their efficiency; ensuring that you reap the full financial benefits and have contentment in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment.

Below is an example of an array of panels (that looked clean from the ground) before we cleaned them and after we cleaned them. Quite a difference!

At Powerkleen we clean your panels using a deionised detergent free water system and a soft bristled brush, which leaves a spot and streak free finish and prevents scratching of the panels; unlike a DIY clean with untreated water that will leave streak marks which attract more dirt quicker and clothes/mops/squeegees all of which can trap abrasive particles that can scratch the panels.
To prevent contaminating your rainwater storage tank and/or the stormwater system we don't use detergents, providing a 100% chemical free cleaning service.

When you employ Powerkleen you can rest assured that you are employing a fully insured company with friendly conscientious staff that are trained to work at heights and commited to providing customer satisfaction.

"Wow didn't realise how dirty the panels get. Especially bird droppings! Mark did a fantastic job of not only cleaning but taking before and after pics to show results and meter readings. Overall, very thorough workmanship. Would highly recommend Powerkleen for great value and a professional friendly service."
J Anderson, Mudgeeraba.

"Thanks Mark for doing an excellent job. See you in 6 months".
K. McCallum, Burleigh Heads.